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  • Telijie focuses on customized products and can develop solutions according to your specific needs. Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and undergo strict quality control to ensure that the quality of each product reaches the highest standards. At the same time, Trijet is committed to reducing waste and resource waste, and considers factors such as environmental protection and sustainability from the beginning of product design to reduce adverse impacts on the environment, whether it is your customized medical paper towels or disposable sheets and other other Consumables, we can meet your needs.
    Telijie is committed to providing you with excellent products. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions and cooperation opportunities. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner and moving towards a successful future together.

OEM Advantage

Customized products

Meeting customer specific needs: We understand that each customer has unique needs. As an OEM supplier, we are able to customize products that meet your needs, whether they are disposable medical products or other sanitary material products.

Production cost advantage

As a professional OEM supplier, we have the advantage of production scale, which can maximize the reduction of production costs. Secondly, we can finely manage resources, reduce waste, and improve efficiency to ensure that you obtain the best cost-effectiveness.

High quality standards

Strictly comply with international standards: We strictly comply with international quality standards to ensure that every product has excellent quality and safety.
Continuous quality monitoring. We implement strict quality control processes and continuously monitor production processes to ensure product consistency and reliability.

Innovative R&D support

Our R&D team constantly pays attention to future development trends and actively explores new materials and technologies to ensure that our products remain competitive and meet constantly changing market demands.

Time efficiency

Our efficient production process reduce lead time and market risk, can enable every customer to receive products on time.

Service Process

Preliminary consultation: Customers contacted us to express their needs and requirements.

Requirement confirmation: Our business team further communicates with the customer to confirm the specific details of the requirement, such as product type, quantity, material, etc.

Product suggestions: We provide product suggestions based on customer needs.

Product quotation: We provide a detailed quotation, including product cost, production lead time, and delivery plan.

Negotiate contract terms: Both parties negotiate specific terms of the contract, including payment terms, delivery time, quality standards, etc.

Contract signing: Sign a formal contract to confirm the responsibilities and obligations of both parties.

Production plan: We develop a production plan in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the contract.

Raw material procurement: We purchase the necessary raw materials to ensure their quality and traceability.

Production: The production team start manufacturing products and operate strictly according to quality standards and specifications.

Quality control: Quality control inspections are conducted at each production stage to ensure that the products meet high quality standards.

Customized packaging: We customize packaging according to customer requirements.

Marking and barcode: Each of our products will be clearly labeled and barcode marked for tracking and identification.

Arrange logistics: We arrange the safe transportation of products to ensure timely delivery to customers.

Tracking and notification: We provide delivery tracking information and promptly notify customers of the arrival time of the goods.

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