Innovative imitation cloth paper
washed paper
cloth-like paper

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
Does not shed dust or crumbs
Reinforcement process
Absorb oil and water
No fluorescent agent
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Why Choose Telijie?

Innovative patented technology deduces high-quality products

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
Does not shed dust or crumbs
Reinforcement process
Absorb oil and water
No fluorescent agent
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Bed Sheet Custom Manufacturer Since 2002

Let our disposable bed sheets soak up and dry off any sweat, oil,
and other liquidsfor that fresh, non-sticky feeling.

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About Us

Bei-ng unique, beautiful and clean in innovation!

Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, owning an existing industrial park with 22,000m' of modern factory, including a 3000m' of Class 100,000 purificationwork-shop and a 3000m R&D center.
Since its establishment, Telijie has been awarded the National High-tech Enterprise, No-nwoven Engineering Technology Research Center and Private Science and TechnologyEnterprise in Anhui province. Especially Telijie's pattent product---scrim reinforced paper towel,enjoying great reputation during medical & industrial &daily lives.
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High quality products

Telijie is committed to providing high-quality products that meet international standards. We ensure the reliability and safety of our products through strict quality control processes to meet customer needs.

Diversified products

Telijie offers a wide range of products, including medical toilet paper (paper+grid cotton material), industrial wiping paper, lazy wipes, disposable bibs (adults and children), disposable bed sheets (rolls), dental pads, dental chair covers, surgical hole towels, disposable cleaning gloves, copy paper (rolls), wrinkle paper, etc. Our diverse products enable us to meet the needs of different scenarios and professional fields.

Customization capability

Telijie can customize products based on customer needs, which can improve customer satisfaction and meet special needs.

Stable supply chain

Telijie has a strong supply chain network to ensure timely supply of raw materials and timely delivery of products.

R&D and innovation

Telijie has invested a large amount of funds in research and development, actively seeking new materials and technologies to provide better products.

Environmental protection

Telijie has always been concerned about environmental protection, and our products are made of biodegradable materials to reduce adverse effects on the environment.

Customer Support

Telijie provides excellent customer support services, including after-sales and technical support, to ensure that customers can fully utilize our products.

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Telijie leads consumer trends, creates and changes the future! Create new areas of paper products and lead new concepts in the industry.

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