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Non woven dry towel
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Dry Towel
Non woven dry towel
Medical non-woven fabric pads
Medical non-woven dry wipes
SPA facial towel

Non woven dry towel

Minimum order quantity: pieces.

Product Description

Disposable non-woven dry wipes, made of natural plant fibers and non fluorescent agents, have no adverse reactions to human skin. They have the characteristics of dry and wet dual-use, strong toughness, not breaking when exposed to water, and good water absorption. They are widely used and support customization.


Material ispunlace nonwoven
Color white
Dimension /
Product Origin China
Lead Time 20-30days

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Product features

Our non-woven dry towels have a feature:

Strong water absorption: Made of high-quality non-woven material, it has good water absorption properties and can quickly absorb moisture and stains, keeping the surface dry and clean.

Soft and comfortable: The non-woven dry towel has a soft texture, feels comfortable on the hand, will not irritate the skin, and is suitable for long-term use.

Not prone to fiber shedding: After special processing, the non-woven dry towel is not prone to fiber shedding, ensuring that no fiber residue is left during the cleaning process.

Strong durability: After a sturdy manufacturing process, the non-woven dry towels have good wear resistance and durability and can be used multiple times.

Multiple scene applications: Suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks, including kitchen cleaning, tableware cleaning, home cleaning, car cleaning and other occasions to meet different cleaning needs.

Hygienic and convenient: It is a one-time use and can be discarded directly after use to avoid cross-contamination and tedious cleaning processes and keep it clean and hygienic.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Use environmentally friendly materials, identify harmful substances, and protect the environment.

Multiple specifications to choose from: Provides a variety of specifications and packaging options to meet the needs of different users.

Product Description

PP nonwoven widely used in industrial(cover for package),medical lines( medical examination cover,bed sheets&daily lines(beauty salon covers,couch cover rolls)

Spunlace nonwoven can be used as all kinds of wipers,such as industrial wipers,kitchen wipers,medical hand towels.

SMS can be used as all kinds of surgical drapes,such as adhesive surgical drape,hole surgical drape,plain surgical drape,eye surgical drape.

Product Display


1.Individual carton box packaging.
2.Large quantities can be packed in wooden pallets or cartons.
3.Can be customized according to customer needs, supporting OEM and ODM.

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  • Is Non woven dry towel environmentally friendly?

    We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials and production processes to ensure that Non woven dry towels comply with relevant environmental standards and requirements and reduce the impact on the environment.

  • What is the price and delivery lead time of this Non woven dry towel?

    We will provide competitive prices according to your needs and ensure timely supply to meet your purchasing needs.

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