Telijie Company participated in 2024 Expomed Eurasia



From April 25 to 27, 2024, Telijet will appear at 2024 Expomed Eurasia. This is the first time Telijet has participated in the Turkish exhibition. At this exhibition, Telijet showed its latest research and development results and products. Expomed Eurasia has been held for 30 consecutive years and has become the leading medical trade exhibition in Turkey and even the entire Eurasian region, making Istanbul the ultimate business center for healthcare professionals from all over the world.

At the exhibition, Telijie carefully prepared a variety of the latest research and development products, with detailed display instructions and a professional explanation team to ensure that every visitor can deeply feel the unique charm and powerful strength of the company's products. At the same time, The atmosphere was warm and extraordinary, attracting the attention of many industry insiders and media.

Telijie Holding Group has always been committed to providing customers with more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Participating in this exhibition is an important step for Telijie Holding Group to showcase its innovative technologies and products to the international market. It is also an important step in actively responding to environmental protection. reflect.

Finally, at this exhibition, Telijie Holding Group once again won widespread praise from the industry and the public for its outstanding product strength and innovative spirit. In the future, Telijie Holding Group will continue to promote technological innovation and industry progress, and contribute more to the sustainable development of the sanitary materials industry.

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