Telijie Holding Group participated in the 2023 Shanghai International Nonwoven Materials Exhibition



The Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition (SINCE) is an important and influential exhibition in Asia, held every two years. Since its inception in 1986, SINCE has been deeply involved in the field of nonwovens and has now become a professional exhibition integrating technical exchange and business negotiation functions. From November 8th to 10th, 2023, Telijie Holding Group will appear at the Shanghai International Nonwoven Materials Exhibition, showcasing the company's latest research and development results and products.

At the exhibition, Telijie attracted many industry customers and exhibitors to stop by its excellent products, excellent services and good reputation accumulated over the years. They all expressed their concern, affirmation and intention to cooperate with Telijie . The team had in-depth exchanges with them and discussed new developments in technology and industry.

In an environment where the demand for medical and sanitary products has increased significantly and the demand for non-woven products has grown rapidly, Telijie has actively seized market opportunities, adhered to innovation as the driving force, quality as life, service as guarantee, and continued to delve into product manufacturing technology. It has quickly created its own influence in the global sanitary materials industry.

Finally, this nonwovens exhibition is an excellent communication platform. Telijie will take advantage of the opportunity of this industry event, closely follow the industry trends, and comprehensively present Telijie with multi-dimensional strength display and multi-field industry cases. Jie's technical achievements and solutions in the field of sanitary materials will continue to discuss and exchange industrial trends with the industry, explore cooperation opportunities, jointly promote the innovation and development of the industry, and contribute to my country's sanitary materials field.

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