Telijie Disposable non-woven bed sheets: ideal for beauty salons and health centers



Hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance in settings such as beauty salons and health clinics, and choosing the right bed sheet material is crucial to maintaining hygiene standards in these settings. In this regard, non-woven sheets have become an ideal choice due to their superior characteristics, especially the coated styles, and their waterproof functions have attracted widespread attention. Next, I will introduce our Disposable non-woven bed sheets to you in detail.

In places such as beauty salons and health centers, sheets are often exposed to various liquids, such as water, cosmetics, drugs, etc. If the sheets are not waterproof, these liquids may penetrate into the mattress, causing bacterial growth and mattress deformation, affecting hygiene and longevity. The coated non-woven sheets can effectively prevent liquid penetration, keep the mattress dry and clean, help prevent cross-infection and protect the service life of the mattress.

In addition to being waterproof, Telijie non-woven sheets offer many other advantages:
Breathability: Although waterproof, our non-woven coated sheets still maintain good breathability, ensuring that the mattress will not breed mold and odors due to lack of air circulation.
Durability: Our non-woven sheets are generally more durable than traditional cotton sheets, able to withstand frequent washing and use and resist wear and pilling.
Easy to clean: Due to the waterproof function, our laminated sheets are easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth to remove stains, saving time and labor costs.
Environmental protection: Our non-woven materials are generally recyclable, and produce less waste during the production process, which is more in line with environmental protection concepts.
Support customization: We are the source factory, the size and material can be customized, the production cycle is short, and the timely delivery rate reaches more than 95%.

Finally, welcome everyone to learn about our non-woven sheets.

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