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In the fast-paced modern life, people have higher and higher demands for travel and medical care, and the cleanliness and hygiene of bedding have become more important. In this context, disposable sheet rolls have also attracted more people's attention and favor.

Disposable sheet rolls are made from a variety of raw materials to meet different use environments and needs. These include the following four common materials:

Pure paper sheet roll: This sheet roll is mainly made of pure natural wood pulp paper, which is light and soft. They are suitable for single use and are particularly suitable for hotels, guest houses and other places where bed sheets need to be changed frequently.

Paper + PE Film Sheet Roll: This sheet roll combines paper and polyethylene (PE) film, making it waterproof and durable. This type of sheet roll is suitable for locations that require additional waterproof protection, such as hospitals, care homes, etc.

Non-woven sheet rolls: Non-woven sheet rolls are made of cellulose fibers or synthetic fibers, which are made by heat pressing or chemical gluing, and are soft, breathable and durable. They are suitable for use in a variety of environments, from hotels to hospitals, providing comfortable hygienic protection in bed.

Non-woven sheet roll: This sheet roll is coated with a layer of waterproof film on the basis of non-woven fabric to increase the waterproof performance. They are suitable for environments that require waterproof protection, such as baby care, rehabilitation centers and other places.

Telijie's disposable sheet rolls are not only innovative in terms of materials, but also have a wide range of application scenarios. They are not only suitable for professional places such as hotels, hotels and hospitals, but are also gradually welcomed by individual families. In family life, They can be used as a must-have when traveling and can provide extra hygiene protection when there are temporarily extra guests.

In addition to the flexibility of materials and application scenarios, the size of Telijie's disposable sheet rolls can also be customized according to actual needs. Whether it is a single bed, double bed or king-size bed, it can be customized according to the size of the bed to ensure a perfect match with the size of the bed and provide users with the best experience.

Finally, Telijie's disposable sheet rolls not only have flexibility and diversity in materials, application scenarios and sizes, but also provide users with comfortable and convenient bed hygiene protection. Everyone is welcome to inquire.

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